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  • I am moving my website to a new host and having issues with ACF – here are the details:
    Site A = original site –
    Site B = New hosting site –
    I have updated Site A to WordPress 3.4.2
    Site A is updated to ACF 3.5.1
    Site A seems to be working fine.

    I exported the database and downloaded all the files from Site A to my computer.
    Site B had a fresh install of WP 3.4.2 – wpengine is the host.
    I uploaded the files to Site B, making sure to only copy the proper folders in WP.
    I opened the db export file in notepad++ and did a search/replace to change the hard coded internal links to Site B’s address.
    I dropped the tables from Site B and imported the new tables.
    When going to the wp-admin page it does a database upgrade, then lets me log in.
    After logging in it says that ACF needs to update the database, so I do that.
    Then when I check the site I find these problems:
    I have 3 Field Groups in A, and one of them is missing in B in the admin pages, but the posts are appearing on the site, and its images are being shown..

    If you go to Site B and click Work the items in the missing Field Group show, but I can’t see them in the Admin pages.

    The other two field groups each have image field types and the fields are there, but they are all blank in the admin pages, and no images appear on the site, but most of the text content is correct.

    On Site B go to People, then one of the employees and you will see the images are blank.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

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  • Sounds like you are doing the transfer the hard way! LOL it should be very easy to simply copy the files and database from one host to another, without going through all this trouble.

    When you are exporting the database and files, are you doing a cpanel backup or downloading the files via FTP and the database from phpmyadmin?

    If both hosts have cpanel, do a cpanel backup and restore, it’s much easier.

    If not using cpanel backup and restore, just download the files, and database, dont edit them, then upload them to new hosting.

    Only then should you edit the wpconfig.php to connect to the new database that you uploaded, then edit the options table to change the setting for the site URL.

    Then you can login to wp-admin and not a thing should have changed. Much simpler way to do it!

    That is what I tried at first, and it was redirecting a lot of things back to the original site – that is why I tried renaming the links.

    So I just tried again following your instructions and got the same results.

    I compared the database tables and they appear to be the same in each site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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