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    Im not sure this is the right section.. but I was referred here from which apparently is different than here. 😀 so below is the problem:

    Hey there! I need a little help with my wordpress sidebar… the thing that I’m doing goes like this:

    1. My client wanted a completely custom webpage, so I made it per his request… if you go to the website and look at the green sidebar on the right… You won’t notice it unless I point it out like I am now… the sidebar is actually a part of the background image, and not an image on its own.

    2. I’ve placed completely transparent images over several of the links on the sidebar… the way I “Placed” them was by going into the widgets and using the “Image (Jetpack)” tool to insert my blank images, and then linked the images to the pages that they’re supposed to go to.. (About Us, Store etc.)

    3. Due to the fact that when using Image (Jetpack) it places the blank images at a certain spot on the right hand side of the page… my images are starting to get misaligned with the text on the sidebar.
    3A. As in when you mean to click “Latest News” you have to click the option below it almost
    So my question is how do I move the Image (Jetpack) to where I need it on the page?

    My webpage is


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