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  • Kurt



    You could make a page template that could be used for every page that has a chart. Make the main content full-width and call the sidebar after the main content – remove any floats on the sidebar.

    That’s a good start – the problem is that there are paragraphs after the chart, and I need the sidebar to float to the right of the paragraphs. Basically as if the chart were part of the header, instead of the content area.



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    does the plugin dump the charts into the post/page content, for instance per filter?
    or is it added into the template?

    an image is not too helpful to check your problem.

    The plugin does put the charts into the post content. It can be included into the template instead, but that would mean I’d need to make a new template for each post that contained a chart.

    Unfortunately the site isn’t live yet, so I’m not sure what else to post.




    I see better now what you want. It might be possible to get what you want using CSS. If the chart or a container for the chart has float applied, the sidebar may ignore the chart. However, if you can override the float so there is none the sidebar may recognize the chart and move down. It’s hard to know without being able to see the site.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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