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  • Hi There!

    I’ve been playing with WordPress for a couple years and understand PHP and CSS basics. (For the most part) Enough that I can modify most themes to suit my needs.

    I’ve had enough with editing and wanted to build my own theme/style for my site. I found the sandbox theme. it seems to be awesome. Like the author said. A canvas for CSS… I have created a CSS sheet and really like the style I’ve created. I validated the css and only found 1 parsing error. So I know that’s clean.

    My issue – the sidebar moves up and down depending on what post I open on the main page. I’ve set the content width. SO now I’m lost. I’m a good reader. I’m sure this has been answered before. If you would be so kind to post links to help I’d greatly appreciate it!

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  • There could be any number of reasons why the sidebar is moving up and down, so we can’t help debug unless we have something to debug….

    You can always search for exactly that: “sidebar down” – and you will find hundreds of posts. All go back to the same error: you have something too wide in those posts when the sidebar sinks. Too wide means wider than the width of its container div.
    The “something” can be: an image, a long code line, a long URL, anything.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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