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    Hi There!

    I've been playing with WordPress for a couple years and understand PHP and CSS basics. (For the most part) Enough that I can modify most themes to suit my needs.

    I've had enough with editing and wanted to build my own theme/style for my site. I found the sandbox theme. http://www.plaintxt.org/themes/sandbox/ it seems to be awesome. Like the author said. A canvas for CSS... I have created a CSS sheet and really like the style I've created. I validated the css and only found 1 parsing error. So I know that's clean.

    My issue - the sidebar moves up and down depending on what post I open on the main page. I've set the content width. SO now I'm lost. I'm a good reader. I'm sure this has been answered before. If you would be so kind to post links to help I'd greatly appreciate it!

  2. leadandfollow
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    There could be any number of reasons why the sidebar is moving up and down, so we can't help debug unless we have something to debug....

  3. moshu
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    You can always search for exactly that: "sidebar down" - and you will find hundreds of posts. All go back to the same error: you have something too wide in those posts when the sidebar sinks. Too wide means wider than the width of its container div.
    The "something" can be: an image, a long code line, a long URL, anything.

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