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  • Hi, I need some advice 🙂

    I have a project and I need to build a blog site (it will be hosted on Windows server – those are the requirements).

    The tricky part is I have to move three different blogs into this one, but integrate them into the new look. I still have not decided how to do it…

    Should I:
    1. Create a multi-site blog, and have each blog into their separate subdomain. That way I can import users, roles, etc.


    2. Import just the content of the blogs (posts categorized by tags and category), and have users (admins, contributors, etc.) assigned different roles for those categories? So they can see, post in only those categories when logged in?

    Which scenario, in your opinion, makes more sense? I am open to any tips and advice!

    Another question – what potential problems/workarounds should I be looking at with WP running under Windows. My client is setting up the server, and any other OS is out of the question.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 1. Export all posts (export all items) from each old blog.
    2. At new blog, create a user account for each user from old site. If the exact user exists on import (trick – user id) they will not need to be re-assigned/assigned.
    3. Import each old blog’s export file. (see 4 first)
    4. Before importing those 3 files, search and replace url’s (to now be new blog url)
    5. You may have issues with Media Files – depends how they were included on old blogs…If you know MySQL well, you can work with the Media Tables…

    what potential problems/workarounds should I be looking at with WP running under Windows

    You can run WP under IIS7, just make sure to use a proper web.config file (not .htaccess) – note some plugins/themes may not run well on a Windows Servers – these are typically caching plugins or advanced plugins looking for Apache modules…

    That all said – if you prefer the 3 blog options/ your main domain can simply be a landing page with links to the blogs, then for each sub-domain:

    For each blog:

    1. Download all site files and grab a full db backup of old blog.
    2. Upload all files to sub-folder, import database, create wp-config.php and web.config.
    3. You will need to do a search and replace of MySQL db if old links.
    4. Make sure all media files are in same folder structure – Media Files (links) should be OK.
    5. Depending on server, your web.config may need to be at root and contain rules for sub-folders or use a web.config for each sub.

    If you use the same theme/plugins on each you can create the 3 sub-folders very easily – the starting contents will be identical except wp-config.php and web.config.

    If just 3 blogs, just create the 3 – using network/multisite can get complex.

    last note: if you have same post/page/category/tags at old blogs your permalinks may end up with a -2 or -3 at end. Look for and fix these or review all at old blogs and make unique prior to export.

    Thanks, Seacoast! Much appreciated!

    For scenario #1, when all content is in one blog, is there a way to assign each separate blog’s posts a different category on import? For example, one blog is about food, so all posts will be in a category Food.

    Then, I can assign a role to contributing authors to post/edit only that category.

    Is that doable?

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