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    I’ve searched 🙂
    Any idea how could I move a few (3-4) posts from a blog to another together with their comments?
    Yes, I could copy over the posts, but what about the comments? TIA for any idea.

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  • If they are both WordPress, you can export and import them easily using PHPMyAdmin.

    If they are different, then you can use one of the many importing scripts that come with WordPress and are also found here:

    There is also the old copy and paste routine, though comments might get tricky. Best go with an import.

    Thanks, yes they are both WP. I knew about the possibility to export-import the whole blog through PHPMyAdmin. I’ve done that earlier. I guess I will have to dig deeper into this to figure out how to go when I want to move only certain posts and not the whole db.
    (:: sigh:: I hate to mess around with the DB 🙂

    moshu, you can export just certain parts of tables. F’rinstance, open your db in phpMyAdmin, then browse the wp-posts table. Check the boxes next to the posts you want to export, scroll to the bottom of the page, and where it says “with selected” click on the “export” icon. Comments have to be done separately, in the same manner. Once you’ve imported them into the db where they need to live, you should be able to “reattach” the comments to their appropriate posts (I think – I should point out I haven’t tried to do this!)


    Thank you very much! I’ll take a deep breath and jump into it. I’ll report back about the succes (or – God forbid – failure).

    Please do – I’m sure those of us with multiple blogs will run into this situation eventually!

    BTW, you might need to tweak the wp-comments table in the db after import to assist in “reattaching”….

    Follow up.
    I succeeded in moving the posts with the method proposed by vkaryl above. I even wrote a tutorial kind of post about how I did it.

    Hey, that’s great, moshu! Glad it worked out for you…. heading over to bookmark your tutorial, thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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