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  • I’m having problems moving my wordpress db to another host.

    First of all I had problems importing the db via phpmyadmin, but that’s been sorted (my new host got my old user and pass and somehow worked its’ magic).

    Now my db is in place and I’ve ftp-ed over all my folders but my blog is not showing up at its’ new destination. – old host – new host

    I can access wp-admin and write new blog entries, but I can not view my archives at the new site.

    Any ideas?

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  • Check your themes are all complete, that your url’s in Options are correct ?

    I have double checked that my themes are all complete and urls in options are correct.

    I can see my “pages”, (for example but not blog posts. If I try to view by category that doesn’t work either, i.e. the page is loaded, but no blog posts appear.

    Check the index.php in your wp root. Looks like the index.php is either missing, or got overwritten.

    index.php in root is in place and contains this:

    /* Short and sweet */
    define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);
    $posts_per_archive_page = -1;
    $posts_per_category_page = -1;

    Are you using a custom theme? Have you tried switching back to the default, to make sure it’s not the theme?

    Are you using the same version of WP on the new host as on the old host? If not, did you run upgrade.php?

    Yes, I am using a custom theme, and yes, have tried to switch back to default, no change there.

    I’m using 1.5 on both hosts.

    Have you checked that every file is in place and is the right size ?
    In similar cases, this non-display has usually been caused by a badly transferred file which may appear to have a size of 0

    thank you both for your replies … I’ll have to look into this when I get home from work … will post my results 🙂

    OK, have gone through the files that I uploaded via http://ftp.. all accounted for and all of the right size.

    Any more ideas? :-/

    btw, everything in the admin section seems to be working just fine, except for one page, wp-admin/edit.php, doesn’t load completely, it only shows 8 posts, but is supposed to show 15.

    You changed something ? it just started working as I was trying links..

    nope, haven’t changed a thing, and still can’t see my blog posts ..

    2.06.2005 kl: 12:59 | pressa

    Is the top post I see .. and
    strætó klúður?
    29.05.2005 kl: 16:12 | Blaður

    is the bottom.
    try clearing cache/cookies ?

    hmm.. after having cleared cache/cookies it is still not showing up. the posts you are seeing, are they definitely on the domain?

    No – they were not. A link had lead me back to the old domain. Sorry !
    I can only think this is an ftp error … but you say that all is good so I’m lost.

    I’ll upload all the files again and see if that changes anything.

    thanks a lot for your ideas! 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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