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  • My web hosts have moved my site and blog to a new server (Linux, Plesk) and the move has somehow caused the images to be lost, the character sets to become corrupted (even though the hosting guys have confirmed old and new used UTF8) and I can’t post to the new blog – it just remains as a draft. Take a look at Is it a problem with the database? I can’t export the XML backup file either as it comes out in non-valid XML format. Do I need to start from scratch and reinstall WordPress? What about all my customised themes that I paid money for? Any help gratefully appreciated.

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  • 1. Reinstalling WP usually doesn’t solve anything – except loosing all your existing posts…

    2. I can se a lot of images in your posts – give an example of a post that does NOT show the images.

    3. Character set. That must be a MySQL bug (and your host should know about it if they are pros!): when moving data from earlier MySQL versions into newer versions it always screws up the special characters due to the differences in a)encoding; b)collation.
    On an old blog of mine when moving it to a new server, I used the Search and Replace plugin to replace the faulty characters; after that it works OK with the new posts.

    4. Themes have nothing to do with the WP core files. You can move, install etc. them on any WordPress installation. I don’t see what the issue is…

    5. “Can’t post” – that’s an issue that might require some fixes. It has been posted several times, you will have to look into the different solutions offered in those threads.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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