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  1. dakuwan
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I have been banging my head against the wall on this one all day. I am moving to a new server. Everything is setup exactly like the existing site. It has the same version of PHP, MySQL, same database name, same user name, same URL. I have copied the database to the new server and it is showing in MySql. I have copied my site folder to the new server. IIS is setup and DNS is done.

    When I go to the site it only shows a blank page. When I go to the admin I get a page saying wordpress hasnt been installed and prompts me to install it.

    I verified that wordpress is hitting the database by changing the user settings and it came back saying it could not connect to MySQL. I changed the user back and it goes back to the install prompt page.

    Has anyone else gotten this? What is the solution? I have looked around and the closest symptom I could find was for the blank page and involving templates. This doesnt apply to my case since WordPress is prompting for an install.

    I have been forced to point everything back to the old server till I figure this out.

    Please help me out on this. Thanks.

  2. dakuwan
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Just wanted to let everyone know what the solution was in case anyone comes across this. My MySql tables were somehow corrupted during the transfer to the new server. If you get an issue like I described above log into MySQL and attempt to list the contents of a table. In my case I could not query the tables which led to the error.

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