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  • Hello guys,

    I am wondering what would be the easiest way of moving self hosted wp website from one domain to another.

    This is what I was thinking to do:
    – copy all files from present domain onto my desktop
    – update old MySQL database info and wp secret key on wp-config.php document
    with new domain and database information.
    – upload all files onto new domain

    Would this work? Or does it require more steps or is there any other way of doing this?

    Thanks for your advise.

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  • Are you just trying to change the domain, or are you actually moving the site from one Web server to another?

    I do have two domains. I need to move entire site from one to another.

    I have a video and article on my website how move wordpress to new host see if that helps you and if still have questions will glad to help.

    Sorry Curtiss for my wrong answer to your question. I do actually need to change both. Domain and server as well.

    Thank you so much govpatel.

    Great tutorial video. It actually confirms that I am on the right track.
    Important element I did not realize is that changing domain name in wp options.

    So you are moving files via backup. Would moving files via FTP do the same job ?

    If yes, would that mean, that only things that need to be changed are:
    – modifying wp-config.php inputing new MySQL info
    – changing domain URL in wp options

    I also assume, that all links to photos, videos etc. must be definite, real URL. That way they should work from new domain or server?

    Please, let me know if my thoughts are correct.
    Thank you so much again, for your tutorial and for your support.

    I used a backup system on server, using ftp will work but the problem will arise when the files get corrupted while using ftp as you have lot files and folder to transfer depending on how much you have on your wordpress.

    My host cpanel has way to for me to zip any folder I wish if you are using cpanel check file manager not legacy file manager see if you can compress a folder then you can zip and ftp down to computer and ftp on new server and extract.

    As for urls you can export your database from PhpMyAdmin and change the urls in whole database using a Notepad++ search and replace feature the old urls with new urls save as some other name so you still have copy and then import on new server with new domain name.

    It would also be a good idea for you to read the Codex entry at

    Once you run the backup of the files and the database, you might be able to just make the changes in your wp-config.php file and your Administration area (before downloading the database backup) and get things up and running pretty quickly.

    Thank you guys again so much for your support. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly. I still have to finish creating that site, but I will keep you posted what happens.

    Cheers and thanks again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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