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  • Hi,

    I am fairly new to the community, even though I have searched extensively I could not find an answer to my questions.

    Here goes:

    I have installed wordpress on localhost (using xampp) on two machines, desktop and laptop. The plan was to work on my blogs where ever I was and whatever machine I was using.

    What I haven’t found out is how to sync the two installs completely. I read the codex pages but they are mostly concerned with moving one install around or movig it from one server to the next.

    I used the export/import function, and some of the work I had done on the pages showed up – the posts, the comments and eventhe categories. However, the categories did not show, and, most importantly, neither did the changes in the header, footer and sidebar sections.

    I try to use a sync program for files, that did not work (my hopes were not so high to begin with), but even when I dumped my wordpress folder and replaced it with the updated one, the changes would not appear.

    Am I missing something essential here? What would be the best way to go about this – considering that such updates would also be necessary if I would work on a localhost blog and then have the pages on the website changed accordingly.

    Any help or comment is appreciated very much!

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  • Well,

    I found a way – maybe it is so simple that this did not occur a problem for most readers who stumbled on my question…

    For it’s worth, what I ended up doing was to export all my wp_tables via phpMyadmin (which is part of the XAMPP package) into a .zip archive which I downloaded to the other machine.
    Then I opened phpMyadmin on the other machine, dropped all wp_tables from the database and then imported the archived tables into the database. There was no need to unzip the archive because that’s automatically done before uploading the tables.
    Of course, there are still some things one has to do by copy and paste. For instance, if I use a new plugin, it has to be moved to the other WP install first – and they also have to be activated.
    So far, however, this works for the synchronizing problem I had – I doubt whether synchronizing between a localhost and a server install will be that smooth…

    Thanks for listening,

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