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  • I was able to edit the theme in order to have a bigger header image. My header is 1033×600, but I cant figure out how to move the navigation. The navigation stayed in the same place, so it is over/covering my header image. I want to move it down to the bottom of the header

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  • @misamay, sorry for the late reply, for Support Forums, FAQ and more please visit us on

    To your question: there is an option “header height” to define the header height (including moving the navigation). Just go to the theme settings page to the tab “header”.

    Have fun, looking forward to see you in the forums.

    When i go under the “appearance” section and select header, these are the only options I have:

    Upload Image
    Remove Image
    Reset Image
    Header Text
    Display Text
    Reset Text Color

    It doesnt say anything about the height. When i originally edited the heights for the header image itself, i edited in the functions.php and the style.css and made the heights 600

    in the style.css i’m able to move down the “Home” and “Community” navigation titles by making the position relative and putting “top: 395px” but it leaves the wordpress pages in the same spot as well as the grey navigation bar. So only the white text moves and you can hardly see it because the site is mainly white as well.

    okay! Now i edited the:

    #access .menu-header ul,


    #access .menu-header ul, ul {
    list-style: none;
    margin: 0;
    position: relative;
    top: 395px;

    adding the:
    position: relative;
    top: 395px;

    Moved ALL of the TEXT (home, community, and my pages) for the navigation to the place i need it. But the grey background for the navigation is still in the same spot

    @misamay, you can change the header height in the “THEME SETTINGS”. (Not “Appearance”). You can find the theme settings page at the bottom left in your wp-admin menu. If you didn’t had a look at this page, there you can customize your theme. You will find a tab “Header” there, where you can change the header height easily! No coding! 🙂

    If you edit the theme files, you won’t be update safe.

    Please go to our themekraft forums for further support. This way everybody can participate. Thanks.

    como ativar o budypress. obrigado aguardo resposta

    optei por este theme por ser pronto mas não consigo ativar a rede social
    Muito Obrigado

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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