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  • I have sold one of my WordPress sites, and I am trying to figure out the easiest way to transfer the entire site and all of it’s content to the new owner. I want this process to be completely seamless to the end users.

    I attempted to copy all the WordPress directories and then just copy them to the new wordpress install (we’re trying to move to a test site before we transfer the URL), but it didn’t work.

    Does anyone know how I can move the entire site. Pages, posts, comments, images, plug-ins, user database, etc… to a “clean” wordpress install?

    Thanks in advance

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  • So, I’ve done a little further research and it seems moving it to a different URL creates a whole lot of extra work. So, it seems like it would be best to transfer the URL to him, and then transfer the files?

    I’m still trying to figure out how to do this without the site actually going down.

    Boston WP


    1. Move all files
    2. Import Database
    3. Change dns pointing to the new server.

    If you are on a shared hosting it will take little bit of time but if you are on a VPS you can use the scp command and do it much faster.

    scp -a /wordrpess/somedirectory /newwordrpess/anotherdirectory

    Thanks BostonWordpress.

    I tried to “Move All Files”, but the new site didn’t work. I’m guessing it has to do with your point #3. How do I change the “DNS Pointing to the new server”?

    Also, how do I know if I am on shared hosting? Both myself and the new owner have BlueHost.


    Boston WP


    To do this you need to have some technical knowledge as its not just moving files around. BlueHost only offers shared hosting.. so downloading all files through FTP and moving the MySQL database is the only way to do it. Whats the sites URL?

    Thanks so much BostonWordpress.

    The site URL is

    I have downloaded what I THINK is “all the files”, but I don’t know about the MySQL database.

    If you’re moving off of Bluehost, you can simply download the files as well as export the database using phpMyAdmin. To do so go to cPanel > phpMyAdmin > select the database as found in your wp-config.php file, and then click export along the top tabs to export it, select SQL and click go. This will download a db_name.sql to your computer that you can import much the same way.

    wp_bh_fan, the gentleman who will own the site also has an account with bluehost.

    I don’t know if that changes anything or not.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

    Boston WP


    No that does not change anything but there are some steps you need to take in order to do this. If you can’t do this yourself need to find someone who can do it for you.

    Yeah, he can just upload the files, create a new database, and then edit the wp-config.php to match his new hosting username, as that will be different from yours. After that, the site should work. If the URL or domain name is different, he’d have to update the URLs(I like VelvetBlues update URL plugin for that). Good Luck!

    So at what point should I transfer the URL to him? I haven’t done that yet.

    Also, I’m in PHPMyAdmin. I have the wp-config.php file open.

    Can you please help me identify where to go from here?



    Okay, so in my wp-config.php I see the following:

    /** MySQL database username */

    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘cfoudiyc_wrd1’);

    In PHPMyAdmin, I see that database.

    Do I just click on that database, and do a quick export in SQL?

    You can at anytime. I would recommend getting all the files and the database set up before doing anything like that, though. That way, its set up in both places before you pull the trigger on moving the URL. Look for the this line in the wp-config.php:

    ** The name of the database for WordPress */
    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘dbname_wrd#’);

    Then in phpMyAdmin select that _wrd# from the left and after that hit the export on top. Here is a good article on this:

    I went ahead and downloaded it…it’s called:


    Where do I go from there?

    Okay, so I have the SQL file.

    Since he doesn’t have the URL tied to his hosting yet, how do I get verified that everything is up and running on his end before I transfer the URL?

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