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    My first forum post 🙂

    I have just discovered multisite and have been developing it on XAMPP. Recently I tried to upload it to the server. The localhost domain was http://localhost/group/ and the demo site is The WP original WP Config I added did not work and I had to redo it- so that I could login. Now I am trying to reactivate the network and each time I add the required code to the wp-config file it disconnects from the database. I have tried different combinations but without any luck.

    I transferred the site just as it is from htdocs to the live server and I uploaded the database from phpmyadmin on xampp to the live server as is. In the beginning I kept getting redirects to localhost but I fixed it with the steps in the codex

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  • Ok, I went into the database and opened the wp_blogs table and changed the values from localhost/group to – now its working again- I can see my sites and site does not give me a database not found error- now just to look through the rest of the database pages and see where else it is redirecting.

    I cannot view my pages I created- I can see them from the back-end but I get page not found for each of my links I want to navigate to that are not on the main foloder.

    Andrea Rennick


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    There are more links to change in the database. You had to go through your local db backup and do a search & replace there before uploading to the live site.

    Thanks Andrea. I went into PhpMyAdmin and did an export on all the tables- I exported it as an SQL file and opened it with Notepad 2 – I then replaced all instances of http://localhost/group/ with once I was done I also replaced \group/wp-content/ with \wp-content/ I hope that was enough. I’m sure there must be an easier way to do this, I would love to see this on the WordPress Codex- I couldn’t find anything about transferring a network between servers. Maybe I’ll write an article once I have the whole process working seamlessly.

    Not a toughest thing though. But this is sureshot solution to it.

    I have used this tutorial to successfully transfer my sites to other domains.

    check this link

    Hope it helps.


    Ok, for other people that are going to read this, this would probably be the algorithm for transferring a WordPress network:

    1.Backup your site and database
    -Make sure your new environment is right- some hosting companies are stingy with their permissions and it could derail your site

    2.FTP your site as it is from the old location to the new

    3.Download your database
    – (I downloaded it as an SQL file) it is best to do it in two parts- one for a standard installation and the rest separately- the separate ones will include
    and anything with wp_2 and onwards (assuming your database prefix is wp_)

    4.Find and replace
    Open your two Databases and do a find and replace on your urls- replacing the old with the new. If you are moving from xampp like I did you will also need to replace \folder-name/wp-content/ with \wp-content/
    -also make sure that your database names in the files correspond with the new database name you created

    5.Import your first SQL file to your new database on PhpMyadmin (make sure the database is empty before importing)

    6.Delete your wp-config.php file and replace it with a fresh one as you would go about in a standard wordpress installation –also delete your .htaccess file

    7.Create a network as in (make sure you have no plugins activated)

    8.Drop the following in your new PHPMyAdmin Consol
    and then import your 2nd SQL file to PHPMyAdmin

    Badabing badaboo you have a mirror of your previous site.

    If anyone would like to add something or have better ways of doing it I would love to know.

    @martin Hugo: The only place to be careful is Step 4 in your explanation above. By doing a search/replace on your database, you could be potentially corrupting PHP serialized array data (the data is saved with a certain string length assigned — if your URL is inside the data and you replace it, the assigned string length is now wrong and PHP won’t necessarily be able to unserialize it again).

    Thanks Tim, that is a bit higher grade for me. I suppose that is why you need a backup. Do you have any suggstions how to improve it? I went through the whole process of changing my url fist but it did not work like it should. Is there a way to do it through PHPMyAdmin? I tried the steps mentioned in the codex for changing a url but it didn’t seem to work properly.

    Thanks SAM- I will check it out, maybe collectively we can formulate a proper tutorial on doing it right. I still have to mess with Buddypress, cant wait!

    I use the script put together by these folks:

    The script runs through the new database, un-serializes data, changes the URL, and re-serializes the data. It works well for me when I migrate sites from a development environment to a production environment.

    Ok I’ll give it a bash- the database I am using at the moment seems to be working fine but I can see how issues can arise- thanks- I’ll leave the topic open for a while before I resolve it, there might be some things I havent seen yet

    Just an update- dont do it without the spectacula tool- it might seem fine at first but you will more than likely run into issues later.

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