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  • Hi there,

    I already have a website up and running on WP. I now have a second website, that I have built locally and now want to move to make it live.

    The old (existing) site was built and hosted by another company, which is still live, until my new website takes over.

    I have gone through the process of moving my local site to the new server: new database, wp-config file and sql. It all seems to be up on my server.

    Do I now need to install another WordPress installation on my machine, that can allow me to manage the new website? Because I developed the new site using WP locally – do I still need to do another new install for this ‘live’ version?

    When I type in it redirects to the current (old) live site. So I can’t seem to find/manage/edit my new (though it’s not live yet because we haven’t done the redirects) website?

    I am stuck – could anyone advise?


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  • do I still need to do another new install for this ‘live’ version?

    No. You can continue with the development on the remote server.

    Thanks for getting back to me Esmi.

    How do I access the new dashboard, to edit my new site?

    If I use this URL,, it redirects me to the current (old) site – I don’t seem to have a way of viewing/editing my new site in the WP dashboard before it goes live.

    Could the issue be that we haven’t redirected the IP address and nameservers? Or should I still be able to access the management dashboard regardless? I can still go into my local dashboard to edit – but this is not what I want – as I have now moved it to a remote server.


    When you moved the site to the remote server, did you follow the instructions in Moving_WordPress?

    Yikes – I’ve lost the WP management dashboard!

    I just went into the local WP dashboard and changed the Settings Site URL to my new website, overwriting http://localhost:8888/wordpress, and now I can’t get into the dashboard at all – it just takes me to the existing (old) website!

    Any ideas on how I can restore the dashboard back to http://localhost:8888/wordpress.

    To set the initial transfer over, in answer to your question, I followed these instructions:

    I just went onto the page you sent through, and made the changes on the dashboard to the URL settings. Now I can’t get in to any dashboard.


    Hi Esmi,

    Just to update from my last message, I have now restored my WP dashboard, for my local site – so the URL’s are now back to where they started.

    However, I still cannot access the WP dashboard for my new site, on the new server.

    Just to reiterate, I built the site locally, so the URL’s in the WP dashboard are http://localhost:8888/wordpress. I then moved the files and folders to the remote server, set up the database and changed the wp-config file.

    The existing (old design) is currently live as we haven’t changed the IP address and nameservers.

    Before we do the changeover, I wanted to check my (new) design out to make sure it looks and works as expected. But I don’t know how to access the WP dashboard to edit and view my site.

    Are there further changes that I should be carrying out?


    Did you follow the instructions in Moving_WordPress?

    I’m assuming I need to follow the instructions from half way down the page, ‘Moving to a new server’, as my domain changes from http://localhost:8888/wordpress to

    Once I have completed these steps, how do I then log on to my WP dashboard?

    Should I enter, and that will bring up the login details for me to enter my dashboard (and also discard my local one, http://localhost:8888/wordpress/wp-login.php)?

    Should I also notify the other company (who are currently hosting the website) to redirect IP address and nameservers, or wait until I have this up and running successfully on my servers?

    Many thanks….

    Hi Esmi,

    I have followed the instructions from your link, updated with new database, files and wp-config but I still cannot access my WP dashboard.

    When I type in I just get redirected to the current (old design) live website.

    Any ideas? I am really stuck 🙁


    Sounds like you did not did not run a search & replace on the db backup to change the old urls to new new ones.


    I changed the SiteURL and Home to reflect the new URL’s, replacing localhost, under the Options tab in the database.

    Is that what you mean?


    No. You need to work through all of these steps

    Hi Esmi,

    I followed these steps last night, and did it again this morning, but I still get redirected rather than login to the dashboard.

    I just carried out a search and replace using this script in the SQL file, 1
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, ‘localhost/test/’, ‘’);

    But still nothing. I’m so lost!

    No – follow the steps in the Codex page.

    Hi Esmi,

    Where do I start from on that page of the Codex?

    I am moving from my local host, to a remote server – so I start following instructions from here, with the 3 steps:
    Moving to a New Server
    If you are moving WordPress from one server to another, begin by backing up your data. This includes backing up your WordPress database as well as all the core files, images, plugins, and other files on your site. See WordPress Backups and Backing Up Your Database for more details.

    Rather than from higher up in the page with the 14 steps,
    When Your Domain Name or URLs Change
    When your domain name or URLs change – i.e. from to, or to – there are …

    Is this right?
    Also, there is no reference to the search and replace on the old database within this section, ‘Moving to a new server’.
    At what point do I run the search and replace? Do I do that at Step 3 (in the Moving to a new server section) before I download the database to then upload to the remote server?


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