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    This may be a lot of explaining for a very simple question and a very simple answer.

    I’ve been creating websites at a dev location on my server, and then moving the WordPress installation over to the final location when all is approved. For example, I would create the WP site at and then move it to when it was all approved. The directions are well documented at

    Good, but I often have the situation where the client’s current website is either non-existant or hosted on another server, so technically I can create a new WP website at its final server location (as an add-on domain) and not have to go through the hassle of moving it. The issue is that what will eventually be a WP site located at can be actively worked on by going to, so that’s how it’s set up. The WP site will work but it’s set to this subdomain and not the direct domain name.

    So my long-winded questions is this… will this be as easy as changing the “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” settings under General Settings? Would that stupidly easy tweak fix the site so that it will totally work though the client’s domain name once that gets transferred over? It seems like it shouldn’t be that easy but perhaps it is. And I didn’t want to go down this long production path only to have to do a possible double-move if it turns out I was wrong.

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  • This isn’t related to MultiSite or have anything to do with a network at all. It is installed on an add-on domain to my primary account but this is only one blog.

    I do it all the time. You just have to change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) in the general settings. Now remember, if your adding links into the post or pages using the permalink relative to the dev url, your going to have to go edit all those pages to the final url.

    I’m now ready to do this but I have a few more questions to check:

    I’m about to change the WordPress blog’s URL from to before I update the name servers on the registrar, otherwise the site won’t be working already when the registrar transfer is complete. But once I make that change, will I then be completely locked out of my WordPress installation until the domain transfer is successfully completed? I mean, once I change the WordPress URL setting, won’t I not be able to access my dashboard under the development URL? If so, is there a back door back into the system to fix any potential problems? Also, other than some hard-coded internal links, are there any other potential problems I need to look out for?

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