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  • Trying to help a new client with moving their wordpress site from the current host to a new host with better support and turn around time for changes. This would be my first word press site and migration and i caused some issues and just need to some understanding on what happened and how to proceed with moving it without causing downtime.

    We were looking at using the Yahoo Business Hosting package since they already have their email setup and hosted there.. well the actual website is hosted on another provider. This past weekend i went into the yahoo account and initiated a plan change to go from email to hosting. Enabled wordpress and even though we didn’t do any DNS changes this causes the clients site (which is hosted elsewhere) to go offline. I’ve done websites from scratch and taken over sites for maintenance plenty of times, but all have been and HTML sites, but being this the first wordpress i was at a loss when this happened..

    I’ve never had issues setting up a new host, configure, setup and make sure things are working before making the DNS changes to point the domain name to the new host, but this all happened automatically and cause the site to be down for little over a day.

    Being the first wordpress site I’ve done, i had some questions on why this would happen?
    When i transfer a client to a new host, i sign them up, i copy all the files and databases over to the new host, setup, test and make sure everything is working, then i initiate the DNS changes and we are set.

    Is there anyway to setup a new wordpress host, copy all the current files and database over to the new host, configure and test pages and links before any DNS changes are made?

    At this point, i cancelled the plan upgrade and reverted everything back and had the original host reinstate the site and everything is up and running until i can determine the next steps..

    Can anyone direct me on what i can do to setup a new wordpress hosting account and setup all the pages and files prior to doing a DNS change?

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  • What you’ve seen has nothing to do with WordPress. It’s all about the DNS records.

    From what you’ve said it seems like the DNS records were updated when you updated the hosting account. You didn’t do it, so it’s most likely that it was an automated thing on their end, or someone there has made the change. When things were “downgraded” they went back to what they were before.

    You need to work with the hosting comapny for this as it’s not something that WordPress has any control over.

    Ok thanks for the DNS question, but the other question was specific to wordpress, how can I setup a wordpress site using the current database and pages on the new host and make sure everything is working before making the DNS changes?

    The same way that you do for any other site. Move the site over, get it raedy andset your local hosts file or DNS to point the domain name to the new server, then do your testing. If you wanted to be 100% Sureof keeping things seperate there’s more info in Moving WordPress.

    Thank you, I’ll check it out tonight.

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