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    In this month I’ve tried to move my blog two times but, to my surprise, both times WordPress is showing the same error, with very few differences.
    The case is the following on both (I’ll point differences on the end)
    -I’ve tried to manually WordPress on both, but when I tried to access the file upgrade.php, a 404 error plus this message appeared: “You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/upgrade.php on this server.” Since I’ve changed the file writing permissions and things were still the same, I decided to install WP using Fantastico and changed the wp-config.php, since I wanted to use my database. Everything went fine using Fantastico: I accessed my blog as a visitor and as admin and verified that the database was the correct one.
    -Then I uploaded my customized theme and the plugins I use. I selected the theme on WP admin and accessed the blog: everything was just fine yet.
    -Here comes the problem: since I just can’t modify the some file of the theme using WP internal tool, because of the file writing issues, when I tried to upload something modified using FTP the images using my domain disappeared. I mean, every image that is called by the theme as an internal file e.g. “images/logo.jpg” appears but every other using my full domain (e.g. “”) is not showing on the blog. The only one using full domain address which is showing is an image on an intro.php file, which is not using database because the text and image is inside the file code. If I try to use the default theme, the problem still happens. Removing WP installation and trying everything again does not work at all. I wanna point here that the hotlink protection on CPanel is disabled.

    The differences on the two attempts on different hosts are:

    -when I made the first hosting move, WP 2.1 was not ready yet. So I used a 2.0.x version instead of 2.1.

    – on the first attempt of moving my blog to another host, an image which was using my full domain address on a temporary “index.html” file was shown. On this last hosting service the same temporary index file does not show the image.

    I don’t know what to do, neither the hosting service support knows too. I guess it is not a domain problem, because it is a selective error: I can acess the blog, but the images with full domain address are not showing (only the one on a static file which is not using the database). I can think it is a problem on database, but since on both hosting services, on first moment of the installation the images were showing, and only disappears after I’d made a change on some file of the theme, I can’t see this problem as a simple database error – the fact that texts on the posts are showing perfectly only corrobate that.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m stuck on my old hosting service and simply can’t move my blog anymore. I don’t understand it and, unhopefully, I can’t see a simple solution to that.

    I will be very very very pleased and grateful if anyone could help me to solve that.

    Thanks in advance,


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