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  • I feel like an idiot, I am a very advanced computer user but I am completely lost here.

    I created a wordpress blog and purchased the domain through wordpress.
    It has absolutely no content on it yet. I then purchased a theme only to learn that only self hosted blogs may utilize custom themes, so I signed up for hostgator, moved the site over to them and did the one click wordpress install in their c-panel.

    Then I learned that only blogs may use custom themes (as opposed to

    Every tutorial directs me to first install wordpress, but I already have through hostgator, I just need to transfer the domain from being pointed at .com to .org and it seems impossible. will do the “guided transfer” for $150.00 (I think) but I dont think that makes sense because I literally have nothing on it yet.

    I cant even find a way to “sign up” or anything on, all I can find is a download. I’m not sure if there is an actual sign up process or what, I am obviously in over my head here!

    the site in question is

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I apologize if someone has already asked this, I didn’t find anything though.

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    No problem — it IS a bit confusing. WordPress.ORG only provides the WP core software, free themes and plugins that are on this site. Your registration/user name here is only for this site/these forums – unlrelated to WordPress.COM or hostgator (or your site there). The installation is done on your host – which you’ve already done :). And if you didn’t put anything on your WordPress.COM site, no, you don’t need to move anything (i.e. content from your site) from WordPress.COM. If you registered your domain name through WordPress.COM, you DO need to change the nameservers to hostgator. This explains how to do that:

    That can take up to 72 hours, but hostgator may be able to give you a temporary domain to use in the meantime – ask them about that.

    Moderator Mark Ratledge


    Change your nameservers to point to hostgator. See

    Thank you both so much, I have been looking for this information for days!

    So I have completed the above steps sucessfully, now my question is after the name-servers have been changed, can I upload a theme by navigating to and going through the proper steps?

    Thanks again!



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    Yep, here’s the how to on that:

    Since it’s from a commercial vendor/developer, you’ll need to use the FTP or Cpanel methods. See if there are installation instructions with the theme too.

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