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  • Hi,

    I am moving host but keeping the same domain name and
    path. ie.

    WP version will remain the same.i ie. version 2.2 to version 2.2

    From what I have read, after I have moved the files and restored the database to the new host (and changed DNS of course) the only config change that I need to make is to edit ‘wp-config.php’ – can someone just confirm for me that it is this easy? No other file paths or anything to change anywhere else?


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  • whooami



    yes, thats true, as long as your domain and the install directory remain the same.

    Thanks for the reply – can you just clarify for me your statement about the install directory….my old host URL to the blog is ‘’ and this will also be the same URL on the new host, but in terms of actual physical UNC directory paths that will change between hosts.

    old host UNC directory path:


    new host UNC directory path:


    Do I need to specify direct UNC paths anywhere in config files when I change host or not?


    The only place (as far as I know) where the URI – – is stored is in the database, wp_options table. No path.

    Great! Thanks for your help!

    I do this several times a week. It’s as simple as you’ve heard. No changes should be required and you can use your host file to test the transfer before you pull the trigger on the dns transfer.

    what do you actually edit in the wp_config?

    If you make your new database name, user name, and password the same, you might not need to change anything. For example:

    db name: domainusername_wp
    user name: domainusername_admin
    password: *******

    That “domainusername” usually being some automated name created by your host based on your domain name. So maybe they’re both “domainusername” but if not, you can just change that and you’re done (with wp-config.php anyway).

    is there a way to check what the actual database username and Pw is?

    Because I just transfered host, and after backingup and restoring all the data, if you go here,, it’s telling me something is off.

    I looked at that domain and it looks like WP is up and running, just missing a theme. Maybe your themes didn’t upload well? Try re-uploading?

    But because I can see your posts and links and text, it seems to me you transferred over pretty well–just need to fix the themes (maybe the CSS file didn’t make it).

    yah, so I managed to fix that, but you’re right, the theme isn’t working, but then, I can’t login as admin either, so the wp_login.php isn’t working either.

    ANy suggestion?

    Unless you use the plug-in (I forgot the name), the permalinks of the blog articles are all likely to change just for your info.

    is there a way to fix the theme issues? Because I’ve successfully managed to log into the admin of WP, but then, it doesn’t have the snazzy UI like before. It’s really, just all white, and all the format is wrong

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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