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  • I have got a warning that my site could be banned because the cpu is over the limit.
    I had just renewed my domain so the domain has to stay with the present host, but I do have hosting with another company, so I am thinking of downloading the sites files, uploading to the other host and point the domain to the new host.

    Here is the question. The main domain, is at the moment, pointing to a sub domain. Do I set up a data base on the new host and upload the files to this. Point the main domain to this hosting and set up a sub domain. How do I point the sub domain to the data base. (If it is indeed the data base that I upload the file to) as its the sub domain that has wordpress installed.
    This is an active live site, so I am looking to try and not disrupt it.

    As you can see I am confused, any help would be great how to do this, correctly.


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  • esmi


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    Hi, Thanks esmi.

    Just to clarify one thing. I am keeping the domain in my present host and want to move the files to the new host, to the new database which I have set up.
    Am I reading this right
    Note: If you are changing to a new server but same domain, all you need to do is edit wp-config.php and upload everything as it is to your new server.
    So all I have to do is download the files, change the wp-config.php details to the new data base and upload the files to the new host (database) Is this correct?

    I know to back everything up, when I download the files, is the site still showing,when I download the files, before I upload to the new host.I am asking this, as I downloaded a file as a test, and even thought the file was on my computer, the same file was still showing in my file manager.

    lastly, when I point my domain to the new host, when I have all the files uploaded, how do I point in directly to the new database.

    Thanks for your help.



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    Is this correct?

    No. You need to backup the database and restore it into a new database on the new host. Your site’s content is stored in a database – not in files.

    how do I point in directly to the new database

    Via the wp-config.php files. That’s why you are editing this file – to point to the new database, host, username & password.

    Thanks esmi, your always a great help.

    So basically, I need to back up the database, download it to my computer, using filezilla, and then upload it to the new host.

    Why I thought it was files, filezilla uploads files, I assume then they can upload the database? I assume the files are in the database because when I switch on filezilla it shows files. Or am I just miles off here?

    I understand about the wp-config file it was how to point the domain to the correct database. But I think I got that one.Set up the domain name first on the new host, then set up the data base.



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    There are no files in the database. You have to restore the backup in a database on the new host and upload all of the WordPress files.

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