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  • Hi,

    I am moving host but keeping the same domain name. I saw this link here:

    ….which looks easy enough to follow but the thing is my current version of WP is 1.5.2 and when I move to the new host I want to upgrade to WP 2.2.

    What’s the best strategy? Can I still just follow the above tutorial or should I follow another plan?


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  • You cannot install DBs of different versions in another version.
    You can either
    a) upgrade the present install to 2.2
    b) make the move
    a) install the same 1.5.2 on the new server
    b) move
    c) upgrade

    use a test wordpress install to do the upgrade prior to upgrading your production blog to see what breaks. after finding solutions to the breakage, upgrade the production blog or switch the test blog to your production blog if you used your production blog db as the db for your test blog.

    Great! Thanks for the information moshu and charle97!

    I would migrate the blog AS-IS in 1.5.x (files and db), make 100% sure it safe on the new server, then back it up again and follow upgrade procedure to 2.2.

    I recently did both of the above, and I made some mistakes that costed me a lot of time, but was ultimately quick fixes when I figured it out with lots of threads and help from here. Point is, there’s a lot of potential complications to both moving and upgrading, although neither should be that difficult. Take it step by step, don’t pile both on the same instant.

    those tamba2 guides are great, although I haven’t seen if there is one specifically dealing with the 2.2 upgrade. Great resource for moving servers.

    also what charlie and moshu said

    And what Dgold said.

    There could be differences in the server setup that you might confuse with WordPress issues, which would only complicate things.

    You can move your WP WordPress easily with WordPress Database Backup Plugin. But you have to be careful doing it because thread numbers will change. You may want to read this article for more information.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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