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Moving from Typepad to WP

  • I’m on the verge of converting from TP to WP for my blog. Though WP members have told me not to sweeat it, I’m feeling a bit daunted about the technical challenges of setting up my blog properly, importing my data properly (including many photos & mp3 files), & converting my advanced TP templates into usable WP templates. I’d also like to change somewhat the look & style of my current blog.

    If anyone here has experience with MT/TP to WP conversions, could you e mail me or reply here & tell me how to get in touch with you. It would help if you also had some graphic design background as well though this won’t be the primary focus of the job. I’m willing to pay though my blog is a no profit venture & I’m have a limited budget.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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