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  • Resolved jvmedia


    Hi there,

    We used an 3rd party service to export a client’s old X-cart site to Woocommerce. Part of the export included automatically generating 301 redirects with your plugin … which it did do, however, it used the URL of our testing server and ignored the fact the old site’s shopping cart was not in the main directory, it was in a folder named /shop2/.

    So basically from this automation, we have source links that look like:


    …and target links that look like:


    What we really need is:
    (source) /shop2/product.php?productid=965
    (target) /product/new-product-link

    Now, we can run a search and replace script on our database to get rid of /testingsitedirectory/ in one go, but, that wouldn’t put the old site’s folder of /shop2/ on the source link. We’re not super familiar with MySQL commands but are hoping maybe there’s a way to do an insert command where we can drop /shop2/ into to every entry in the first column of the _redirection_items” database field. There’s over 3000 redirects, so that’s why we’re looking for an easier option than going one-by-one by hand.


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  • Plugin Author John Godley


    It might be easier to export your redirects, edit the export, and then import into the new site.

    Hi John,

    Ahh, that could work! These are the things you do not think of after midnight haha. We’ll try that.


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