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    So my multisite install isn’t live yet and I decided to go with a subfolder install when what I really wanted was a subdomain one. I have some data in my sites that I don’t want to lose and I’d like to switch over.

    I found a few posts in the forum about it and I went into wp-config.php and switch the flag value to TRUE. I copy pasted the new htaccess file and squashed the old one (everything seems to still be working).

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to change the domain of my main site. I am able to change other ones but not this one, I would like it to also be a subdomain.

    Also, in the site editing page, do I have to change the path variable or is everything fine?

    Thanks for the help, this change isn’t very intuitive for me.

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    The MAIN site isn’t a subdomain. It’s

    What you’re suggesting is MOVING the main site.

    If I have a site running as the main site on my current install, do you know of a good plugin that would export the site’s data which I could then import in a new install that was setup correctly from the get-go?

    I just found myself in a doozie right now because I erroneously setup my multisite on the root folder of my development server where I had other sites running so it believes is the main site (hence why I was asking how to change it).

    Thanks again

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    DATA yes, by which I mean posts and comments.

    SETTINGS no. :/

    That said, I want to make sure I get where you are.

    WP is installed in

    You want to MOVE that to a subsite of

    Is that right?

    My installation was initially on with a subfolder install. The problem is that the main site thought it’s address was which isn’t the case since I have other sites running on this dev server.

    I decided to switch it to subdomains following steps from another thread but it didn’t quite do the trick since it was still looking in the subfolder. To remedy this I decided to create a new folder and install the multisite as subdomains instead. So now I want to move the data from the old main site to my new mainsite. It’s still on but it has a domain of Phew, that’s a lot to chew on.

    So from to

    Does that make sense?

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    And you want to move from to where? If it’s to that;s not terribly hard.

    If it’s to that’s complicated.

    The DATA is easy, as I said. Use the built in WP export and import tools 🙂

    I was worried that because of all the differently named mysql tables that the export/import would have been much more complicated. After reevaluating my situation I realized that I don’t really need a network of sites so I will just be importing the data in a regular WP install.

    I just wanted to thank you for the help. It’s really appreciated.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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