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  • I created a WordPress-based site on my local host and moved it onto a subdomain on my own domain so the client could view it before I moved it onto his domain. Now that the site is finished, I’m trying to move the site over to his domain, but it’s not appearing.

    I set up a subdomain on his domain, and set up a mySQL database on his domain, as well. I set up a new user on the new database.

    I copied the files from my subdomain and moved them to his new subdomain.

    I exported the WP files from my database and imported them into his new database.

    I changed the two URLs in the wp_options section on phpMyAdmin.

    I changed the wp_config file to reflect the new targets.


    Thanks for your help. 🙂

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  • What exactly isn’t working? (P.S., don’t use all caps. That means you are yelling and people, especially us volunteers, don’t like to get yelled at).

    We need more info before we can help. Specific error messages or specific things that “aren’t working.” Also, a link to the site would help, if possible.

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