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Moving from Multipost-MU to ThreeWP Broadcast (2 posts)

  1. anndonnelly
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I used Multipost-MU to share posts up until now, but am switching to ThreeWP Broadcast. What's the best way to move on from now? Has anyone else made this switch?

    - Should I keep Multipost-MU activated and keep those posts already shared through that plugin and only use ThreeWP Broadcast for new posts sharing?
    - Can I use ThreeWP Broadcast for all of the posts or will it cause duplication if I have it share posts that are already shared through Multipost-MU? Should I delete the posts that are shared on the other site (only one site sharing at the moment so not too big a job), then reshare through ThreeWP?

    Love that it shared Featured Images because I had to add them in manually when I was using Multipost-MU


  2. edward mindreantre
    Posted 4 years ago #

    1. That's a personal choice, I'd say.

    2. Multipost and Broadcast don't share any data amongst themselves, so they don't know about each other. If it's not too much of a pain the ass you can reshare the posts.

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