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  • Alright, so I read the bad MT news, and their (still) crazy pricing scheme and I figured: time to move to another system.
    I’m on a bloghost site so I installed WP automatically (very nicely done of them) and I exported/imported perfectly fine after reading some docs on how to do it. Then I took a 3 column theme and implemented that and I’m working on trying to make it look like my old MT blog (which is still up and running for now but I’m not going to update it).
    Some questions – and please know that I have searched the topics here and have been reading this all day yesterday and this morning as well:
    1) I’m trying to do more side menu blocks than just a blog list and archives. For instance, I’m trying to get a ‘latest posts’ block for the 10 latest posts. I checked and saw some code for that, but I’d like a little more than that. For instance, how do I put up blocks in a menu side bar with varying info? I don’t mean plugins stuff but I have a block with “must-see research” links. I’d also want to use my blogrolling javascript instead of the blog links provide in WP because going through blogrolling is easy and I’m lazy. I also sometimes feature at the top right menu (3 columns remember) a link to a good book I want to highlite for the author, or ads, or charity organizations, etc…and I provide a description under each link and whatever. Basically, how can I customize and add menu blocks?
    2) I want to make it so that only registered users can post a reply. Anyone can register but it will cut down on spammers as far as I can see. At least, that’s the theory I have. I don’t really care if I get a few less comments than I already do.
    3) Is there a google API like in MT?
    I’m sure there’s a lot more questions to come but any answers would be greatly appreciated. I actually love the fact that I’m moving to a system which doesn’t need rebuilding every time I add another entry or change the template. That was seriously a great big pain in the butt. I love MT, but it’s got some serious work to do overall. I just happen to not know any PHP at all yet so changing things is hard for me, and my CSS skills are limited to basically making fonts look decent and the like.

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  • url?

    I’d rather not give that out right now. 🙂
    Not that it’s hard to find me but we seem to be diametrically opposed in ideologies and I’d rather not let that get in the way of things here. 🙂
    Anyway, I checked out your site (really nice design, btw – very nice work) and what I’m talking about in my first question is something you’ve managed to do. The two blocks at the top right menu of your site, specifically the ones stating that you’re a WP addict and the one below it talking about your templates is the kind of thing I want to learn how to do to make my own blocks of text like that (with some links too). If you can tell me how you did that, that’s part one already solved. 🙂
    Thanks for any help and, again, great site design. I really like it a lot. 🙂

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    For that sort of thing, have a look at my rather restrained effort to emulate that effect 🙂

    Hehe that’s a good tutorial but what I really want to know is how you got the top two blocks in your regular site. The top two on the right hand column at the very top which display things other than lists.

    I like to think that there are very few people on this planet that I am diametrically opposed to ideologically (whatever that might mean). And it has nothing to do with blogging anyway. And I am sorry to tell you that many of the people on this forum who try and assist with this type of thing scarcely pause to notice the content anyway. Heck – some folks even do blogs on knitting. I might choose not to assist someone – but you shouldn’t assume that I or any one here would. But without a url the support you may receive here will be less effective.

    Well the top block *Root is a WP addict* etc is hardcoded into the index. The next box with the headlines uses descriptions (built into WP) and category styling using the relevant selector. If you had ferreted through the code you could have helped yourself.

    Hrmm…So I can put different kinds of boxes just by making different categories listings?

    Well you add link categories in the normal way. Then you add a selector to your CSS for each category that needs independent styling using the category id.
    The syntax for my box for example in my CSS is #menu ul #atthe404 ul
    Anything I style there is only styling that category. Enjoy.

    Yeah, I got that part but the problem I have is, for example, let’s say I want to make a box with a bunch of buttons that link to other sites (graphic buttons), and a little mini-snippet of a review under each button. Or, say, put a box in the menu bar on the right with just general information but without any links, and maybe a thumbnail or two. How would I do it?

    Well you would need to get WP installed, learn what it was capable of, and then learn a bit of html and CSS.

    I got WP installed. I’ve been working on customizing CSS for fonts and the like (blockquote etc…) and I do know HTML. I just have no clue with PHP at all. I don’t know if it can parse HTML #includes or anything like that. I’ll work on it though. Thanks again for trying to help. 🙂

    No php needed for your questions.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Honestly, you don’t need to know PHP to style a WordPress blog …. I think that’s propanganda put around by users of other blog systems 🙂

    For other readers it might be convenient to point out that the php is like a thread woven through a standard (x)html page. As long as you do not disrupt the php code which only requires that you dont fiddle with it the index can be edited in the normal way., using basic html for adding images, text boxes whatever. CSS styling will do the rest. AND THAT IS IT.

    Good grief man, you can talk about it forever. Let’s see it.

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