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  • Hi – I designed my website using MS Expression using Dynamic Web Templates to create HTML pages and only using the visual/design view. I didn’t do any HTML coding. My site can be viewed at

    I’m interested in moving to WordPress exclusively. I’m hoping for some guidance on the following areas:

    1) Is there a visual designer for creating web pages or will I have to learn and code HTML?

    2) I’m now finding many articles that recommend avoiding tables. Given the nature of my website would you still recommend avoiding tables and if yes, how would you recommend I achieve the same look at feel?

    3) I’ve been poking through the docs and various websites, however, does anyone have recommendations on which sources for learning wordpress for non-blog sites are best?

    I’m totally new to WordPress and appreciate your guidance and suggesions. Thanks everyone – Dan

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  • Anyone?
    I feel like I’m missing something as everything I see online discusses how easy WordPress is. I could really use some helps and guidance here.
    Best – Dan



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    1. Yes, WP has a visual editor, though it may not be as fully featured as what you are used to. Some themes have more built in options which make it easier to customize without coding.

    This may be helpful:

    2. tables should only be used for tabular data, not layout. You can do a similar look as your site using CSS. You would probably want to look for a theme that has a similar look. You’ll likely need to copy/paste from your site, as the tables do make any kind of transfer pretty impossible.

    3. The above Codex has tons of info, but there are many others – a few here: has (not free) videos/tutorials that are supposed to be good.

    YouTube also has many WP videos

    If it makes you feel any better, there is a learning curve with WP, but pretty much, you just need to jump in :).

    Come back when you need more help…

    Thanks WPyogi for responding.

    I had been to the Getting_Started_with_WordPress, but feel like there is something basic I’m missing or doing wrong. I’m going to go back through it again.

    I will also check out the, and YouTube. I have not problem paying $$$ for Lynda.

    I’ve been working in sales and marketing for the past 20 years, but have a BS in Computer Engineering. It’s really ticking me off that I’m missing something and it’s not coming easier.

    Again- I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thanks so much. Hopefully something will click soon.



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    LOL – maybe you’re making it too complicated?? What have you tried so far? What doesn’t seem to make sense? Like I said, I found it really only made sense once I started playing around with it. Set up a test site and try things. Many hosts let you have multiple sub-directories, so you can do one out of sight. I’ve got a couple of those I just use to test things.

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