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    I am planning on moving the Drupal based site to WordPress.

    Had few basic but important questions,

    1. Is there anyway to ensure all URLs from Drupal are the same once it moves to WordPress? I guess every WP URL will have the “category” or the “date” in the URL.

    2. For e.g. if has to move to WP, do I need to make “mysore” as a category (because I have many files inside “mysore” path). If “mysore” becomes a category then WP will want to render its own in which it shows all files of “mysore” category. Then how do I move the Drupal (which is like an index file with content) to WP?



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  • Probably. ANd if not, if your Durpal URLs have a grep-able pattern, you can use 301 rewrites and redirects to send them to the new URL.

    You CAN use /%category%/%postname%/ as your URLs for WordPress, but generally we don’t suggest it, as it slows things down.

    You can also use Custom Post-Types. Make a type of “mysore” and add in posts under that.

    I prefer not to do anything which is non-standard. Is it ok to go the Custom Post-Types route? Will the plugins (e.g. related articles plugin etc) work fine with these types of Custom Post-Types?

    The plugins in WordPress seem to be a lot more relevant and attractive for Just worried about the complexity in moving from Drupal to wordpress

    Thanks for responding

    Many plugins work fine with CPTs, some you need to tweak. I don’t know about related posts plugins.

    However I double checked. As of 3.3 you can use category in permalinks. 🙂 Have at. They’re much easier.


    We tried the following which seems to work

    We created a page /mysore which the content we have now on and created a category “mysore” under which we put all the URLs of Mysore. It seems to work fine.

    But now we discovered another problem which we weren’t aware of. Apparently wordpress doesn’t allow us to have the following URLs as the last part of the URL are the same

    This is not allowed as both URLs end with “near-by.html”. Can this be resolved someway or do I need to live with this rule and modify the urls to something else?



    No, you cannot have two ‘posts’ with the same ‘name.’

    Also I would STRONGLY suggest you not add .html to your URLs. It’s useless.


    Looks like I am learning. I never saw the following two URLs as having the same “name”

    So name translates to the last part (leaf) of the URL?

    Will try to slowly drop html in URLs.

    Appreciate your valuable input


    Yeah, the ‘near-by.html’ is the actual NAME of the post.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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