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  • if you goto pass $ug@r$ug@r, you will see a site that I’ve created with CSS and some mild innerHTML (javascript). What I am hoping to do is take my source from there and use the same script/source/stylesheet here. What tags, or workers do I need to get this up and running, I really dont have a clue where to start.

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  • yes yes 😛

    Oh, I get it.


    is the password (learns to read)

    Note: images not safe for work

    no everything is fine, as a matter of fact I have intergrated them both, goto and you shall see, it was a pain in my ass but I finally got it, now I’m working on editing the rest of the site to match it as well 🙂 such as the wp-login.php

    Now you just need to migrate your posts to WP and your good to go.

    Yessir, question any idea on how to change the wp-login to where my stylesheet works and not the wp-admin.css where it pulls its style I’ve tried it once before, and I couldn’t get the CSS to migrate anything over, it would show my colors, and my boxes, but it just wanted to pile everything on top of itself.

    I personally haven’t looked into that but I notice your link now goes to the login. The login has your thick border but no color or font styles. If I go to ‘lost password’ I see some color but no border. I take it you’re working on it now but I’m sure you can manage to fix it. May just take some decoding.

    yes, I’m pretty sure I’ll tinker enough with I’ll figure it out, I’m just trying to skip all the tinkering and go straight to the punch 🙂 eh, but I guess tenies muy trabajo meis 😛 oh well 😛 keep hitting back and you’ll see the changes heh

    like I said with patince I’ll figure it out, turns out all my doings were right I just forgot to put the px in my markups, well wordpress is now completely customized besides the dashboard, and I’m not going to attempt that. On the face everything looks great, there are a few hiccups here and there, if you would like, you can login under Per with the pass of nothing (the word) and just look around and let me know of any kinks :). Thanks!!!

    I’m going to bed

    I’m going to bed

    it doesn’t line up in FireFox.

    I know I’m working on it 😉

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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