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  • I currently own the domain I have a CNAME record setup currently for my blogger blog of “”. All URL’s for my blog show in Google like the following:

    My WP install is installed on my hosted server and in a folder called blog. Thus, to get to the temporary site (I just imported all the blogger posts, etc.) you go to

    I set the permalinks to Custom and then:


    I also ran a PHP script to fix any long URL’s and everything appears to match EXCEPT that everything seems forced to appear as:

    In other words the /blog/ seems to be a must given where it’s installed.

    Do I need to now re-install WP from scratch and start over and install WP in the root of my public-HTML folder?

    If so that seems very messy. I was hoping I could just point the CNAME to the index.php in the /blog/ folder and end around the issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Thanks but this presents two possible issues:

    1. Now I lose my main site (not a big deal really) as it’s now taken over by my WP blog.

    2. Now it also means URLS are as follows:

    I assume once I move the CNAME to point to this index then that will become:

    However, I’m not certain. Will having these essentially appear as both cases cause Google page rank issues?

    Get your host to setup your site such that points to your /blog/ folder and change both your wordpress and site address to . That should work.

    So, to be clear, do NOT do the first thing we talked about (revert back to how it was and then have the host make the changes)?

    If this is a redirect then I can do that.


    Its not a redirect. A redirect directs traffic from to whereas you want to point to /blog/ so users don’t get redirected and all links work


    One last verification:

    I THINK I still want to keep the WP URL (in General) set to “” as it exists there.

    I also SUSPECT I should keep the Site Address (URL) as “” otherwise the entire Permalinks section once again adds the “/blog/” back into the mix.

    Sorry for the noob back-and-forth.

    No you don’t. The wordpress address is where you can access the files which will be from and the site address is the home root for the site which will also be

    Okay…. so then I want these two entries to be changed to:

    But after the host makes the change?

    (almost there… I hope)

    Sorry which two entries?

    Under Settings/General there are two entries that seem critical in this (and as noted in the link you first posted).

    WP URL and Site URL.

    The first one tells WP where it’s supposed to find all its installed files. The second one essentially (as I understand it) tells it where to find its index.php file (should it be elsewhere). This one also seems to control the core structure of the Permalinks structure under Settings/Permalinks.

    If I understand your last input then both would need to basically just say “” and that SHOULD retain all my old paths (for site searching) and so forth.

    That is correct.

    I think this is my issue too, correct me if I’m wrong. I have a site/blog set up with blogger with my purchased domain name and hosting at Go Daddy. I set up a WordPress self install tonight that I am hosting with Go Daddy – same account. I don’t even want to migrate my old stuff over. I just want to redirect but it seems like telling blogger to redirect to is not going to work. What do I do?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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