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  • I’m about to move (for a friend) a fairly large blog currently on blogger to wordpress. I’ve googled and found several really good guides for this, and even set up a another small blogger account and tested the process on a wp site I use for testing. I think I have this pretty much down pat except for one worry: She already has a domain name that is currently pointed to her blogger account. I’m trying to figure out the best way to move content, test the site, and THEN do the redirect for the domain name. Note this is just a domain name pointed to her blogspot account (i.e,, when typed in, goes to

    I am setting up a brand new WP install on new host. I then want to import all the content from the blogger account (tons of posts), set up the new theme (fairly customized, already set up on my test site), tweak it till it’s perfect and THEN do the redirect – she has quite a few advertisers so I really want this to be as seamless as possible. My concern is the initial install will be on a temp url. I’m trying to wrap my brain around the steps (and specific order of steps) of changing the domain name on the new install from temp to her domain, and then the redirect, which would be after importing content. Won’t that mean tons of links on the new install that will need to be changed? Ugh….I know there’s a proper method of doing this and just wondering if anyone had some good advice 😉


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  • I *think* I know what to do. If someone reads this and can comment if correct that woudl be great 😉

    I’m going to:

    1.) set up new host account.
    2.) then set up the WP install using domain name (, but then change siteurl to temporary url.
    3.) then import content, set up theme, tweak, etc.
    4.) set up redirects
    5.) redirect feed
    6.) set new wp site url back to original url (back to
    7.) change nameservers with the registrar for to point to new host/site

    Does this sound right?


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