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  • I want to move a fairly large blog from blogger to WordPress. Will all the photos be moved to the new server? Or will the links point back to where they are now? Or will I have to do all that manually? I don’t think I could do that in my live time.

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    If you’re going to move a fairly large blog to WP, I will suggest that you open a free account at and use the power of the server there to import blog posts, comments, images, etc.
    It might take more than one import process depending on how large the posts from your blogger account is, but keep on importing until all your data from blogger are in your free account including media attachments.

    From your free account go dashboard Tools > Export > All and save the generated XML file to your hard drive.
    Then you go to your self-hosted WordPress site dashbard and run Toos > Import > WordPress WXR and click browse and get the XML file you saved from export.
    In next panel, click to “include all media attachments” and run the script.
    Again, this might take a few times to run – always remember to include media attachments in each run – until all posts and images are imported.
    After all your data import has been completed. Don’t forget to delete your free account at

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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