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  • OK this is the problem ….how can I move all my previous posts from b2evolution to wordpress on the same FTP.
    the post are all indexed in MYSQL… please urgent
    Thanks in advance

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  • You should search the forums for previous posts about migrating to b2evo since I think there was a thread where I posted a script and instructions :p If you want the script, it is at
    I believe there was something left out in the script and somebody posted on the forums about what I left out but I forget what it was. So please search the forums here. You have to have the latest version of b2evo running though (or at least the version that I wrote the script for) since it might not work for all versions of b2evo. Basically, try at your own risks and certainly after taking backups 🙂

    I would use RSS import if some one explain to me how to? as I am 5 years old

    I set up an updated B2e to WordPress migration tool. It should work for converting B2evolution version to WordPress 2.02. Get it here:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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