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  • Hi, all,
    I’d like to move a specific category’s worth of entries from one WP blog to another WP blog. The blogs are in separate databases and separate WP installs.
    I have access to phpmyadmin, so I can run SQL queries and copy things around. I’m not any kind of SQL whiz, though, so the more explicit the instructions, the greater chance I’ll follow them correctly.
    Can anybody help?

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  • Appreciated, thanks!


    could someone provide the update link to this? I clicked it but it does not exists anymore

    Well, basically, I have an old blog, but decided that I want to move some of the old articles to another wp blog. I have already created that new blog with a different url, of course. So I would like to to know if there are any effective way to move articles from one wp to another wp

    Ahh… cool, I did it. Backup wp files, run text replace on the sql file to replace URL to new URL. Drop all db using phpadmin and import sql file!

    hmmm… I have a problem in that all my japanese and chinese character turned into ????? after I imported the text. Does anyone know how I can do this properly, ie. retain the Chinese and Japanese character after import?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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