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  • Hi, I’m baffled as I must be missing something simple (I hope)

    I moved an entire WP install to it’s own directory as I need to use a html landing page in the root that will take visitors to various sites.

    The database has been updated to reflect the new URL and yet I get this error message

    The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500

    UPDATE: I have determined that it was a plugin that caused the problem
    I wonder if it’s permalinks or something else. Unfortunately I can only access the database at this point. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Are you able to provide the site address? Can you log in? Do you have FTP access?

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    I was able to login once I disabled the plugins. But unfortunately all the theme settings were gone. I had to revert back and restore the database backup.

    I am coming into this project after the original site was set up. The client wanted a landing page with button links to respective sites by location and language. I was able to do that by customizing a theme template but was not able to remove the menu from the one template only. So plan B was to move the entire WP install into a directory of it’s own so we could create a static HTML page in the root. Thinking that the URL’s in the database were all that had to be changed. I do not know why it did not work.

    The site is and yes I have FTP access.

    I am confused. I have looked at the site and can access it fine. Is the issue with a particular directory?

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    I reverted back because the move did not work. I did try again and I am confused as to why changing the URL in the database did not work the first itme but it worked when doing it under General > Reading. Any insight?

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    Unlike for example Joomla, WordPress stores internal Links with the absolute URL. Which means every Link (Links to Pages, Posts, Menus, Media …) is saved in the database with its full address.

    Furthermore settings (mostly the Theme settings) are stored not as plain text but as a serialized array. Read more:

    Which means you can’t just search and replace “old URL” with “new URL” in the database and that is also why you are loosing certain settings.

    Moving WordPress by hand can be messy and frustrating.
    Read this depressing verbiage:

    Therefore I recommend using a Plugin, which helps you to migrate and can handle serialized data. Search the WP-plugin repository for “migrate” or “migration”.

    For example:
    WP Migrate DB

    Be warned: If you are using a theme or plugin which is only licensed for one website, you might still loose the settings.

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    Thank you for the explanation. What you say makes perfect sense.

    I appreciate the time it took for your response.

    I know this is a common trick but it’s worth mentioning. After any migration always go to settings -> permalinks -> go to the bottom and click save. This often regenerates your links. If you try again and then cant log in then disable your plugins and log in then go update the permalinks.

    Disclaimer * Remember if you disable your plugins by renaming the plugin folder by FTP then don’t click on plugins in the dashboard or you will lose them all

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    Right, I do and have done. Thanks

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