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  • Hello,

    I’m trying to fine tune elements around in the reg/login pages of the wp-members plugin. I noticed that the “input titles” and “input fields” are all grouped into one big row/column. I can’t seem to finely move these individual elements around the way I need to. When I try to using css it starts to break the layout and of course I can’t access the html.

    I wish the author would have organized these elements and subdivided them further into groups or even placed individual ID’s on them so I can target them separately.

    I’m not the greatest html/css guy so I could totally be off here but unless I can finely tune the layout and move elements around the way I need to match the rest of my site I don’t think WordPress is gonna work for me.

    Any ideas? html below…

    <form name="form" method="post" action="" class="form">	<fieldset>
    			<legend>Edit Your Information</legend><label for="username" class="text">Username</label>
    			<div class="div_text"><p class="noinput"></p></div><label for="first_name" class="text">First Name<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="first_name" type="text" id="first_name" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="last_name" class="text">Last Name<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="last_name" type="text" id="last_name" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="addr1" class="text">Address 1<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="addr1" type="text" id="addr1" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="addr2" class="text">Address 2</label><div class="div_text"><input name="addr2" type="text" id="addr2" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="city" class="text">City<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="city" type="text" id="city" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="thestate" class="text">State<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="thestate" type="text" id="thestate" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="zip" class="text">Zip<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="zip" type="text" id="zip" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="country" class="text">Country<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="country" type="text" id="country" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="phone1" class="text">Day Phone<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="phone1" type="text" id="phone1" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><label for="user_email" class="text">Email<font class="req">*</font></label><div class="div_text"><input name="user_email" type="text" id="user_email" value="" class="textbox">
    </div><input name="a" type="hidden" value="update"><input name="redirect_to" type="hidden" value="">
    		<div class="button_div">
    			<input name="reset" type="reset" value="Clear Form" class="buttons">
    			<input name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit" class="buttons">
    		</div><div class="req-text"><font class="req">*</font>Required field</div>			
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