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  1. thomastolkien
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi - I hope someone can help with this:

    Hi - I'm developing a website for a client using Godaddy's WordPress hosting. The client has purchased hosting and attached a domain name as the 'primary domain'– http://www.sparedomain.org.uk

    This is the current situation:
    The client’s current site is http://www.currentwebsite.co.uk (domain/hosting not on godaddy).
    The new site is being developed on http://www.sparedomain.org.uk (using attached hosting on godaddy).

    What we want to achieve:
    The client would like the new site to use the current site’s domain name – http://www.currentwebsite.co.uk . The client wants to use the Godaddy hosting that has already been purchased for the spare domain and which attached to the http://www.sparedomain.org.uk domain. Once the site is finished and ready for launch, the client wants the site to continue to index on Google as http://www.currentwebsite.co.uk, and for http://www.sparedomain.org.uk to forward to http://www.currentwebsite.co.uk .

    IE: we want to end up with this:
    http://www.currentwebsite.co.uk (domain transered to Godaddy and attached as primary domain to Godaddy hosting currently attached to http://www.sparedomain.org.uk
    http://www.sparedomain.org.uk to become a forwarding domain redirecting visitors to http://www.currentwebsite.co.uk which is to be the primary domain on the Godaddy hosting.

    Please can anyone advise on the best way to make the relevant changes in WordPress without the sky falling down.

    Many thanks

  2. kmessinger
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You can transfer the domain to GD here,

    Make this, http://www.sparedomain.org.uk, forward way one -the host for this site might have an auto-forward or a pointer for you or you can put a javascript on the site to forward.

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