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    The theme that I will be working with includes a comment in the style sheet:

    /* Please Note: style information has moved to the css/style.css file! */

    I’d like to cut and paste the stylesheet into the standard theme editor interface and redirect the other pages to go this location instead.

    I will change the path in the other theme editor pages, but I am worried that perhaps there is more to this than I know.

    The author of the theme has (2) CSS’s one for IE, and one for firefox.

    I am just looking for advice before I gut this.

    Of course, it there were a theme out there that looked like the WP Admin interface I wouldn’t have to do any of this!

    Thanks for any advice before I get all tangled up…


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  • Copy the folder that has this theme and rename it, making sure it’s also in the themes folder on your server. Start making changes to this newly copied version. If you mess up, you can always revert to the original, untouched version.

    If you want a single CSS file, the way you described it is the way to do it. Those calls for a particular browser to look at a different stylesheet should all be within your already existing CSS. You might have to change a few paths (if there’s something like import(ie.css), you might need to make that import(css/ie.css) or something).

    One for IE and one for Firefox sounds like a total mess. Create one stylesheet and then work around the shortfalls of particular browsers.

    Thanks, I have started the process. I think there may be a function that points to the crazy location for the CSS property.

    Other than that it seems to be working ok.

    Thanks, once I track down this error, I will try to see what is happening.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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