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  • stephentaft


    I am trying to move my blogs to a new server. The URL’s and database info is exactly the same. I import the database and copy over the entire wordpress site. Everything works great on the new server except that every page has SQL code at the top.

    ‘; $query = ‘select blog_id from ‘.$wpdb->blogs.’ where archived=\’0\’ and spam=\’0\’ and deleted=\’0\’ and blog_id > 1′; $query .= (!$private) ? ‘ and public=\’1\” : ‘ and public >= -1′; $results = $wpdb->get_results($query); foreach($results as $row) { $blogname = get_blog_option($row->blog_id,’blogname’); $siteurl = get_blog_option($row->blog_id,’siteurl’); $blogs[] = array( ‘id’ => $row->blog_id, ‘blogname’ => $blogname, ‘siteurl’ => $siteurl ); } usort($blogs,’order’); foreach($blogs as $blog) { $return .= ‘
    ‘; } $return .= ‘

    I have disabled all plugins. Changed themes. Deleted themes. Don’t know where this is coming from. Every page has SQL info at the top and a Custom Title Field with <?=$title?> in it. And a show private blogs dropdown box. It doesn’t do this on the old server. Not sure what to check next.

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