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  • I’ve had it up to here with (always down, slow blah, blah..) and WP looks to be the best thing going around (I’ve been playing with it … and seriously Blogger is a joke compared to what’s on offer with WP).

    I have a pretty basic template at that I want to move to a WP Theme. Is there an easy way to do this? Can someone do this for me, as I totally lack any such skills in this area.

    I don’t know how much time and effort it would take and if somewone can take the time and do ith for free than great (and I’ll be eternally greatful – otherwise I’m happy to make some contribution )

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  • sorry – my current blog at is at




    As a quick start, try sifting through the themes here: and see if there are any to your liking, or close to what you are looking for. It would probably be easier and faster to manipulate one of those themes rather than try to shoehorn the blogger template into WP.

    Nice site btw.


    I’ll try to do it for you. Practice is good.

    From what I know, the only Blogger themes ported to WP is Minima Plus and TicTac Wuhan. But there’re lots of WP themes that looks like your template. You should definitely check out Alex’s site.

    I’m currently porting your theme over to WordPress, however I don’t know if I can put the technorati tags in like you have them at the bottom of each of your posts. You will have to do that manually unless someone has a good idea they’d like to tell me.

    I’ve finished the CSS, header.php, index.php, and sidebar.php.
    I just have to make the comments.php and comments-popup.php

    idbehold: Very much appreciated. Don’t worry about what you can’t get done – I can tinker with it if I can get just the basic main template up and running.

    TechGnome & fuzzy_logic: thanks for the link, there’s certainly a good range of themes to choose from, and I probably should just ditch my current template and start from scratch.

    Seriously though, I don’t know why I ever bothered with Blogger. WP is so much better and features galore. And with current Blogger problems I’m sure you’re gonna get many more coming across.

    Well, I think its all done, but when I tested the theme on my own site I get this error:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/.nasya/workingbath/ Office Voicecom/index.php on line 10

    The files can be downloaded here. If anyone can find what is wrong with the files please tell me, because I could not find anything wrong with the files.

    In this line (index.php)
    <span class="date"><?php the_date('l, F j, Y'); ?></span>
    you are missing the single quotes:
    <span class="date"><?php the_date(l, F j, Y); ?></span>.

    With the first line (with single quotes) it works 🙂

    Thanks moshu

    Home Office, your theme is done, you can get the files here.
    And you can see what it looks like on my site, here.

    Ignore the ‘Switch Back’ link at the top of the page, it for me to switch back to my standard theme. Also, the ‘Recommended’ section of your sidebar, is just your links in WordPress, you can edit them from your admin page.

    Is there anyone willing to port another Blogger template into WordPress? Blogger’s “Roundersâ€? template is one that I tweaked a bit – I really like the ‘feel’ of this template and would love to get as much of it into WP as I can…

    We need to bear in mind that the blogger designs are very respected authors and there may well be copyright issues. Its a fine line between porting and copying. We do not want the mighty Google on our case again. 🙂

    I understand your point, but I’d be more than happy to credit the Rounders author and Blogger on my blog if I convert the template to WP.

    Well giving a credit on the blog does not really address the point. Coyrighted (and in this case highly paid for ) material is just that. Besides which once we have done messing about those same authors would look askance at their name being used in that way. I am not giving advice. I am not being judgemental. I am just saying lets proceed in full knowledge of what the position is.

    I have a similar issue, in that I am switching from Blogger to WordPress. I am working with a friend to design a new template, I jsut wnat to transfer my archives, comments, etc. Is anyone willign to help me out with this? If so, shoot me an email and we can work it out. I’d be eternally grateful.

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