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    Right now I have WP installed in a subdirectory of I’m doing some major website renevation. One change is to have WP in the root directory (instead of as a blog separate from the content, it would be the homepage). But it didn’t work. The browser gave me an Error 500.

    What I did was move all WP files from its subdirectory to the root directory. I then tried to re-install it w/ the link provided in the “5-minute install” instructions, and the software told me I already have it installed. But when I typed the root directory (, the error 500 appeared.

    So, for the time being, I put everything where it was originally. The WP blog is in But how do I move WP to the root directory ( Do I have to start from scratch? (i.e., Delete the database, start a new database, upload WP 2.9.2, and install.) Are there instructions anywhere that I could read about this?

    I’m currently running the newest WP, 2.9.2., w/ the akismet plugin.

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  • Leave all the files in the sub-directory where they work – in addition to the Dashboard changes you found, you need to copy/edit and save the revised copy of your index.php file to the root, .httaccerss(sp?) is copied to the root – follow the directions below and in sequence – they look a bit bad but are straightforward – took me less than 5 min to “move” my last site – would have been quicker but I had a spelling error in the index.php file – you will also need to rename your index.html file in the root so the index.php file will execute.

    if you’re already set up successfully – just move your install to root now

    Thx. But before I read your reply, I tried getting fancy and found instructions on WP on how to move the blog. Long story short, now I can’t login to my admin panel! What should I do? The instructions I tried were from that 2nd link you sent.

    It didn’t work for nothing, and I moved all files back to their original locations without changing the settings in the General admin page. So, now I can’t log in at all. I’m very close to deleting everything and starting all over…

    I just read the 1st link. It even has instructions for what I did. “If you forget to change the locations. Suppose you accidentally moved the files before you changed the URIs: you have two options.”

    Should I follow those instructions? I should have access to the database through the server.


    Passwords for your database must match your wp-config.php file, otherwise you won’t be able to login to your admin area. Did you change or check those?

    I didn’t change those passwords.

    What happened was i forgot to change the WP and blog addresses in the general tab of the admin page. So, I guess I have to go into the database itself. I do have access to it, as far as I can tell. I’m just thankful this isn’t urgent. But I still need to fix it…

    Ok, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m in the database. As the instructions say,

    “The WordPress Address and Blog Address are stored as siteurl and home (the option_name field). All you have to do is change the option_value field to the correct URL for the records with option_name=’siteurl‘ or option_name=’home‘.”

    that’s fine and dandy, but I don’t see any “siteurl and home” values. I see an “option_name” but not the siteurl.

    I’ll wait till tomorrow. If I can’t fix it, I’ll just delete everything and start all over. Although I do have a database back-up…hmmm…But how do I replace the old database?

    Just fixed it. Now, I’ll try following the instructions for moving the blog as posted on

    For those having the same issue w/ the database as I did:
    When in the database, I was looking at the “Structure.” I had to click on “Browse” and there it was. It was the 2nd line, “siteurl.” Just click on edit and change the value as necessary. Then you should be able to login to the admin panel. Go to the General pg and change the remaining url, and you’re good to go.

    I was able to move the WP blog. But I have determined that you cannot leave the WP files in the subdirectory, while moving the index and htaccess files. I tried that and it didn’t work. You have to move ALL files to the root or to the directory to which you’re moving the blog, or forget about moving it at all.

    Long story short, I had to go into the database again. Before that, I did numerous experiments, like changing the index.php file, etc etc., but nothing worked. So I moved everything to the root, and now it works.

    I’ll consider this resolved, but if I ever want to move all files to a subdirectory while keeping the index file in the root, I’ll have to hire a professional programmer.

    My WordPress files are still in the original sub-directory for my main site and when you go to my site, main root you drop right into WordPress, there are only two WordPress files in the root, index.php and .htacess.

    Interesting. I’ll have to try that in the future, because my root folder is very cluttered. But it works for now. Thanks for your advice. Those links were definitely helpful! 🙂

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