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  • I already successfully use WordPress for a blog page within my site. I am planning to use it as a CMS for my entire site. Before I switch over I want to test the site, working on a new design and adding new content.

    I downloaded a new template I want to use for the site and went to install it but I realize that I have installed it within my /blog folder so I can’t really use this for my home page. But I don’t need to reinstall WordPress, do I?

    Since I found a tutorial on this site for moving WordPress files within my website so I probably have an answer to this question, but how do I move and test the files without mucking up the site I already have in place? I want to keep that functional while I work out the kinks in my new WordPress site.

    Basically, my question is what is a safe method for developing and testing WordPress while having a working site existing on the same URL?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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