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Moving an wordpress installation

  • Hey!

    well I’m in a bit of a pickle ever since I changed my wordpress hosting service.

    The site runs, and I have changed the wp-settings.php (the stuff for the mysql connection), but it has so many errors that upon opening the site it almost lags the entire server, making a 600MB fized log in less than a few hours, the log is so long that I can hardly view it with my PC, but here is a small sample of what the errors are;


    what did I forget to do?

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  • …I have changed the wp-settings.php (the stuff for the mysql connection)…

    You should NEVER change wp-settings.php.

    The database details should be added to wp-config.php

    Sorry have written it wrongly, I have no idea what compelled me to write wp-settings, I have edited the config file.

    Have you tried disabling all plugins?

    Each and every plugin has an error in the log, disabled them all, deleted the files, but if I reainstall them I egt the same errors.

    Any ideas? At this point it seems best to just reinstall the whole site from 0, wich will take me about 3 weeks.

    You won’t need to change anything if moving from one cpanel to another cpanel hosting, just make a full-site backup from cPanel and restore that backup on the new server (you might need to ask new hosting provider to do that for you if you don’t have a root access).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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