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  • I have a WP 2.0.3 blog at
    that was upgraded from 1.5.1 awhile ago

    and I just installed one for my wife at
    fresh copy of 2.0.3

    my wife has a feature I don’t, and I was just wondering how to add it to my blog?

    in the sidebar.php, she has:

    <?php _e(‘Author’); ?>

    and then when you click on that, it brings up an “about” entry, thats a static entry in her wp-admin under “Manage” under “Pages”

    Is there a way I can add this entry to my blog too?
    I tried clicking on “add page” in my blog, but it won’t show the “about” link in the sidebar like my wifes blog does, is there a step I’m missing?..

    Can this be done? and if so, how?



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  • You should be able to go to:
    admin -> users -> scroll to bottom left
    Fill in About box.
    Put this:
    <?php _e('Author'); ?>
    Where you want it to appear.

    yeah, but its got photos, content, and HTML embedded into it, so the “about” box does me no good really,

    but thanks anyway 🙂

    I ended up having to re-install WP 2.0.4 entirely (fresh new install) to get it to work correctly. About all I can think of, is blogs that have upgraded from 1.5x releses to 2.0.X series, must have lost some functionality and features during the upgrade process, then blogs that were new 2.0.X installs (shrugs) about the only reasoning I have on that one..but oh well. thanks for the reply

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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