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  1. ianbeyer
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Currently have multisite installed - main network is stagingdomain.com, and creating new sites under that network. When I am ready to launch a site, I want to take foo.stagingdomain.com and move it to the root site of a new network for productiondomain.com. How can I do this without going through massive amounts of brain damage (and why doesn't the new network creation process have an "assign existing site to root" checkbox/dropdown combo right next to the "create root site" ?)

    If I create the network with no root and then try to assign a site to it, it ends up as a subsite.

  2. Is this a separate install you're moving to productiondomain.com?

    I mean, you COULD just use a domain mapping plugin, turn foo.staging... into productiondomain.com, and then use a multi network plugin to ... make a child network.

  3. Not possible without a lot of direct db manipulation.

    Multisite is not really a good thing to use for moving sites from dev to production.

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