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Moving a Site With No Weblinks

  • I installed a blog in my subdirectory so I can load all the content before making it live in the Root Directory.

    I see various how to move the site instructions but none answer my specific question:

    1) My blog is just text and images. No weblinks either internally or externally so do I only need to change the main url address in my database when I move it?

    I wanted to wait until the site is in the main Root before adding all the links. At the moment it’s just text added to the themes post and page templates.

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  • esmi


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    Thank you for the response. Much appreciated.

    But I want this blog to become the main site and directory, and delete the subdirectory once I know it has moved okay.

    So that the root directory consists only of all the wordpress files etc, and the /blog directory can be deleted.

    Am I right in assuming this is the order for a move?

    1) Change site url in admin settings in both fields
    2) Copy all subdirectory files into main Root Directory
    3) Open index file on server and change url
    3) Change Database url references to new ones

    Test Site: http://mysite.com/blog

    To Become: http://www.mysite.com

    I am doing permalinks after the move, not done at present.



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    No. Try reading the page I linked to above.

    Your link tells me how to keep my subdirectory and i don’t want to keep it. I want to delete it.



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    Fair enough but it’s much, much, easier than a full move. See Moving_WordPress.

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