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  • Hello

    I have a site that I have redesigned elsewhere on my server and want to move the new site to replace the old one and keep the old url. I have managed to mess it all up. Forgive the long message I want to provide as many details as possible.

    The old/current site is
    the new site that I want to move to the above location is at Basically I want to replace the former with the latter.

    Before starting the whole proces, I becaked everything up via ftp on my computer (I used filezilla to transfer everything).

    I then followed the instructions I found here: with the “On Your Existing Server”.
    Here is what I did for each step, where it went wrong and what I have done to try and salvage the problem
    1. Create new folder – because there is already a site at this location, I deleted everything here.
    2-6. all this went well but when I saved, I was kicked out of my admin panel. I thought this was odd but I went ahead anyway.
    8. I moved everything and got a white screen. Nothing, nada.

    So, I took all my thankfully backed up files and copied them all back to the server. The old site template is missing but I am limping along with a default template. The new site has issues – The menu is there but all the pages are 404’d and when I try to log into the admin panel I am told the login is incorrect and am then taken to the login panel for the old/current site which seems odd since everything was transferred from my laptop. This makes me think that there is something wrong with the database but my database skills are non-existent.

    I would like to get my new site back to normal and then redo the whole process and actually have it work.

    Thanks for reading all this and for any help you can offer me.

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  • Hi,
    Have you by any chance backed up the database? yes the issues come from the database, first let’s sort things out with the current setting and then I’ll help you move the site.


    I am ashamed to say that no, the database wasn’t backed up. I am also at work so I won’t be able to do anything online until after 5pm EST.

    What you do basically is the following:
    Change the url under settings, yes, this breaks the site, since WP thinks the files are somewhere else than where they actually are.

    Move all the files to the new folder.


    When you moved files first (this of course breaks the site too) and then wanted to edit the url settings later, you might have to manually edit wp-config, WP would have done this for you, but see this:

    By the way, nothing happened to your database, WP just lost contact with it. When all settings are correct again, it’ll be as if nothing ever happened.

    Thank you Roy, editing the wp-config fixed the problem

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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